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1. Video Mod Master v2.0
Video marketing is a major player for some of the top marketers in the world.
All video marketers figure out pretty quickly that they need to be able to duplicate/modify and reuse their videos in order to truly maximize their offer. Doesn’t matter if you are promoting physical products from places like amazon, digital products from places like warriorplus, jvzoo, or clickbank, or even if you’re doing cpa marketing or straight lead generation. Multi-purposing your videos is one of the most vital steps you can take.

2. cloworkk funnel

Clockwork Funnels, gives you the ability to create unlimited sales funnels, with unlimited pages, with built in countdown timer, product counter, and state of the art automation. Here’s a preview of everything we’re giving you inside Clockwork Funnels. Page Building Software The page building software is built straight into the Clockwork Funnels platform. This saves you the added step of toggling between multiple platforms, and dealing with the endless cycle of “copying and pasting” code. Changing one piece of your funnel won’t require hiring someone to redo all the technical work. Just a few clicks, and you’re done. Plus,...

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3. Mints Viral

Mints App is a comprehensively designed web-based platform that uses a one of a kind marketing technology that is known as a customer-driven funnel which allows you to get more leads, interact and get your customers to choose what is sold to them. The system is created to incorporate, contents, polls and quizzes on your landing page enabling you to determine what your visitors are looking for.

  • Capture, attract and sell in minutes – Mint App elevates your conversion by bringing more visitors to your offer. It allows you to reinforce your sale action through discounts, special offers, coupon codes, etc.
  • Get quick customer ratings – the app gives you the chance to engage your audience fully and find out what they are looking for. This allows you to know what exactly the customers need.
  • Audience redirect – this feature makes it possible for you to promote products as well as other affiliate offers. It allows you to send your audience to your e-commerce stores or affiliate website automatically.
  • Interactive navigation – due to its bilateral interface technology, Mint App allows users to have real interactions. They can access maximum connections and engage in entirely successful campaigns.
  • Instant viral share on social sites – if you combine this app with your social media activities, it can become a personal traffic generating machine. The customer driven funnels will attract more people to your site thus allow your content to go viral.
  • The new voter authentication technology helps you connect directly with your audience – Mints app comes with this new technology that helps you get your audience’s useful information thus allowing you to know what to offer them.

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4. VidInfusion 

Take Your Video Marketing To A Whole New Level – VidInfusion is a web based platform which allows users to create video marketing campaigns like never before. Now users can select any YouTube video. Add custom video skins, share buttons, buy now buttons, opt-in forms and other awesome features. Then add on a unique video interactive menu to there videos. Then they are able to automatically post to 8 top social networks getting there videos viral exposure and generating social bookmarks to increase there YouTube and Google rankings! So now they can sell products or services, build an email list and create a social media influence all through there videos with VidInfusion

here’s What You Can Do With It:
  • Add Your Own Logo
  • Add Custom Video Player Style
  • Add A Unique Video Interactive Menu (Our favorite part, very cool)
  • Add Timed Call To action Buttons, Optin Forms and Website Redirects
  • Add Social Share Features
  • Instantly Post To 8 Social Networks
  • Generating You Social Bookmarks
  • Generates Custom Embed Code For Your Websites
  • Great application for Video Marketers who want to monetize YouTube/Vimeo videos on social networks or websites/blogs. Create interactive converting videos. Great features as: Add Interactive Sliding Menu Buttons, Add Timed Call-to-action or Optin Form overlays. Add Logo and Social Share Buttons, Post to 8 Social Networks.

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5. PushLeads Unlimited Web App

Now You Can Put The UNLIMITED Power Of “Push Notification Messages” Into EVERY One Of Your Sites & Campaigns
  • Build Hyper Active Subscriber List On Autopilot that you can reach ANYTIME you want
  • Guarantee 100% ALL message deliverability to ALL subscribers – even for those OFFLINE when the messages are first sent
  • Use permission seeking buttons on landing pages OR subtle pop-up permission boxes that engage and compel users to take
  • Web app works on PC, Mac, Ipad and Mobile – set up new campaigns or send notifications from anywhere, anytime
  • UNLIMITED Push Notification – send push notifications for people using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, mobile – reach virtually ANY web user on any platform
  • You’ll NEVER be charged for usage – send UNLIMITED notifications for Life – engage & profit like never before with unlimited messaging … send content, friendly reminders and pure marketing messages without restriction
  • CUSTOMIZE the offer text AND call to action button – send personalized messages to market segments to SKYROCKET conversions & profits
  • PERSONALIZE with your own branding by adding logos and icons – effortlessly build your brand and authority to maximize long term sales
  • EXPORT your subscriber list with ZERO restrictions: upload to your autoresponder or add to your custom audiences so you can exploit as many profit channels as possible
  • INSTANTLY redirect subscribers to ANY offer, page or post you choose the second they click … for a massive increase in sales, profits and engagement\
  • TRACK STATS with in-built tracking to optimize your results\
  • Make HANDS-FREE sales & commission: You’ll never have to wait for emails to get delivered, opened and clicked. With Push Leads, subscribers are sent DIRECTLY to your offer page where they can take action INSTANTLY

Now You Can Create BRAND NEW Lists AND Engage Your New Subscribers With A Single App!
Start building your subscriber list in seconds … without ANY of the hoops most potential subscribers have to go through.

This is the easiest list building method available. One click is ALL it takes for prospects to become long term subscribers

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6. Tiny Little Video Machines

Tiny Little Video Machines is by far the most Simple, Proven, Recurring Revenue Business Building method that I GUARANTEE will “Force” you to build your recurring revenue business without any confusion or resistance. Even if you have:
No Expierence
No Content
No Connections
No Ideas
No Niche
No Product
No Email List
No Website
Never Made A Video
No Tech Expierence
No Clue What Memberships are
No Designing Skills

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7. Instant Video Presence

8. SCOPERUSH ( scopeleads dan scopereal)

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