Cara menggunakan software XSITE PRO 2

Cara termudah untuk Membuat Situs Web Kualitas Profesional ... Dijamin!
-Amazing power - kemudahan yang luar biasa penggunaan
-A Berbagai fitur yang dijamin biaya turbo situs web Anda
-Membangun Dari awal atau memilih dari salah satu dari ratusan tampak besar template
Audio -Tambahkan dan video ke halaman web Anda seperti pro
-Masukkan Hidup News Feeds dalam waktu kurang dari 10 detik
-Dengan Hanya dengan beberapa klik mouse Anda, Anda dapat memiliki versi kedua situs yang dirancang khusus untuk orang-orang yang menggunakan mobile browser di ponsel mereka.
-Buat Bagian sumber daya untuk situs Anda yang akan menembak Anda ke atas mesin pencari
-Cara Tercepat dan termudah untuk memasukkan membayar per klik iklan ke halaman Anda
-XSitePro 2 akan membantu Anda untuk membangun sebuah mailing list yang dapat Anda memetik manfaat dari selama bertahun-tahun

Buatkan dulu folder di partisi C atau D








Over 100 Reasons why XSitePro is the
right website design software for you:

Check - XSitePro Website Design Software
Designed for stability and scalability
We’ve lifted the hood on XSitePro and super-charged the data structure for enhanced performance, reliability and scalability.
Check - Website BuilderIntuitive Designer Controls
All the power, but simple to use. Straightforward design interface affording you complete page-design control - make your pages look just how you want them with all the ease of using a regular word-processor.
Check - Web Design SoftwareWell thought-through, attractive interfaceXSitePro has a fresh new look in this latest release.
Check - Web Page SoftwareCreate unlimited websites
There’s no limit to how many sites you can create, maintain and organize using the power of XSitePro.
Check - Web Page Design SoftwareUnique Project Management WorkspaceIntuitive, project-based design makes it easy to manage your sites.
Check - Webdesign SoftwareHundreds of *NEW* website templates
A brand-new selection of quality website templates, professionally designed to help you create great-looking sites, fast. This means that your website's appearance will rival those created by the finest graphic designers!
Check - Best Web Design SoftwareGlobal Site Design Control
Central page layout editor for global site design - roll out your style changes from a single point - apply changes instantly to all of your site’s pages.
Check - Easy Website Design SoftwareAdditional page layout design sections in V2:
Info-Bar and Main Panel Header - giving more control over the look and feel of your site.
Check - Web Site Design SoftwareTrue WYSIWYG Panel Designers
Updated panel designer windows now display panels at the exact widths you’ve set them to. This makes for a more accurate editing process.
CheckFull Page Navigation / Interlinking
Automated navigation menu controls making your site navigation a breeze to set up, complete with sub-pages and category headings. Page interlinking handled automatically to ensure ease-of-navigation as well as improve search engine rankings.
CheckNew graphical navigation menus
Create slick page navigation menus to rival those of the world’s top sites. Choose from 30 menu styles - all fully customizable.
CheckPage Layout Settings
Give you the ability to ignore the default global page layout so that you can create pages that are completely different to the rest of your web site, which is great for order forms, thank you pages, etc.
CheckRight Hand Panel Settings
Specify custom right-panels for individual pages, or even IGNORE the right panel altogether, on a page-by-page basis.
CheckPage Scheduling
This amazing feature allows you to create content in advance and have pages publish automatically at the date you specify, which means you can easily create a web site that is completely on auto-pilot for weeks, months or even years.
Run scripts on individual pages. This is ideal for assigning different tracking events to individual pages so that you make use of split testing scripts, or scripts that test the ROI (return on investment) of any of your web pages.
CheckOnLoad and OnUnload events
Advanced users can create OnLoad and OnUnload page-level events for powerful control over the visitor’s user-experience.
CheckRobot settingsThis is a great search engine optimization feature as it ensures the search engine spiders only spider the pages you really want it to. This makes it a two second job to exclude download and success pages for example.
CheckPowerful Right-Click FunctionalityThis is one of the power-house features in the Designer window. This tool gives you instant access to a huge array of powerful page content features including theHeadings Design Wizard, Sub-Headings Design WizardBoxes and Frames Design Wizard, Bullets Design Wizard, Graphics Design Wizard, Buttons Design Wizard,Snippets, Image Library, AdSense Advertising, Amazon Advertising, PayPal, Audio and Video Wizards, RSS Feeds Wizard, Social Networking Links, and so much more. 
CheckSpell Checker
Make sure your page content doesn’t let your site down with a handy spell-checker.
Never get tongue-tied with the in-built comprehensive, 60,000-word Thesaurus available from within the Designer window.
CheckColor Picker
New color-picker tool makes color selection a snap. Includes site-specific custom palette so you never forget the custom colors used in your site design.
CheckEnhanced source-code editor
New multi-colored tag layout, for ease of editing
CheckSite-wide Notes ToolQuickly call a Web site notes scratch-pad from anywhere in the site editing process by hitting ALT+F10. Never forget that moment of inspiration again!
CheckSEO Analysis of your pages
Automatically analyses your web-pages for you and suggests a whole range of improvements necessary to improve your search engine positioning. A great way to ensure your site gets seen in the search engine rankings. Completely redesigned in version 2 as part of the new “Page Analysis” tab.
CheckPage Components Analysis
A summary view on the main Page Analysis tab, with a detail screen available on clicking the “view detail” button - this analysis breaks down your page content for review.
CheckReadability AnalysisPage text analysis - including full Flesch-Kincaid scoring of your page content, helping you communicate your message clearly to the greatest number of your web-site's visitors.
CheckPage Analysis: Accessibility
Multi-part accessibility checker serving as an early-warning system for inaccessible content and with details on each of these potential problems available at a button-press.
CheckSite Preview Tool
Page Preview function making it quick and easy to preview changes in your browser - updated preview tool makes previewing larger sites faster in version 2.
CheckPowerful publishing features
Publish your site with just two clicks, having only entered your publishing settings once - Makes updating your site a snap!
CheckAdditional Publishing DetailsTotally redesigned - Neat tabbed interface now makes storing/retrieving your additional publishing data much easier.
CheckPublishing Progress WindowEnhanced to provide additional information about files uploaded (on completion) along with a button to load the published site (for review) also on completion.
CheckPublishing NotificationOptional alert on successfully publishing completion makes it possible to minimize XSitePro and yet keep track of when you site publish has been completed.
CheckWebsite Cleanup tools
This wonderful time saving tools lets you do a spring clean on your web site. Just click the button and it will tell you which files are no longer required and you can choose whether to delete them or back them up first.
CheckSitemaps - Three types
Automatically create great looking site maps for your visitors’ ease-of-use, complete with page titles and descriptions. Also useful for ensuring your whole site gets indexed by search engines. New features include additional site map structure options (a new map style as well as features such as Pagination) as well as global style settings for making your Sitemap pages look great.
CheckSite Import and Export Functionality
Powerful tools allowing you to export your whole site, graphics and publishing details included, as a single XSE file for importing at the other end. Bring in a new site, edit it and hit publish - perfect for job-sharing/collaboration.
CheckMove & Copy Websites
Keep your websites organized in the project management interface with a range of tools and edit options.
CheckMulti-Page Creation Wizard
Create multiple web-pages in double-quick time - perfect for getting your site structure up and running in minutes. Interface redesigned in version 2.
CheckExport to FrontPage/Dreamweaver
Output your full site locally as a full set of data readable in other web design packages.
CheckSave Your Sites as Templates
Store your latest site creation as a template and quickly generate new sites based on it. Perfect for Adsense and other monetized sites. Now automatically generates screenshots of your site for you.
CheckApply New Template
Retrospectively apply templates to your older sites to give them a fresh new look, instantly.
CheckBackup and Restore
Keep your valuable site data safe with this useful backup/restore feature. New features include single-file backup (saving masses of disk space) and an optional reminder to help you keep your backups up-to-date.
CheckFind & Replace on all pages
Update page content site-wide with this multi-page text search/replace tool. New version searches pages in the ‘background’ rather than in view.
CheckInsert Tokens
Insert variables into your pages which will be updated at time of publishing. When used in conjunction with multi-page creation wizard can give you a valuable head start on your page content.
CheckTask-bar scheduler
Automatically publish your scheduled page content without lifting a finger! Schedule your seasonal content to appear only during the relevant date range using this incredible tool.
CheckAffiliate link wizard
Store your affiliate links in XSitePro and they’ll always be at hand ready for inserting in your pages in seconds. It’s right-click simple.
CheckPayPal Integration
Sell products right off your web pages with this PayPal “Buy Button” Wizard. Easy to set up and something that could see you generating sales quickly from your pages.
CheckGoogle AdsenseMonetize your web-pages with Google Adsense - fully integrated in XSitePro for ease-of-use. Get relevant adverts on your pages which can earn you money on autopilot. Updated to include ‘rounded corners’ feature.
CheckAmazon Product Link AdvertsInsert Amazon product links, and monetize your page content, using this new tool.
CheckAmazon Self Optimizing Adverts
Insert Amazon Self-Optimizing Adverts, and monetize your page content, using this new tool.
CheckAmazon Recommended Products
Insert Recommended Amazon Products, and monetize your page content, using this new tool.
CheckOxado Advertising Integration
Insert Oxado adverts into your page content. Another opportunity to monetize your page content.
Stores all of those useful bits of code and signatures, etc., in the handy Snippets Library - then quickly insert them from the right-click menu when designing your pages. Update includes revised layout for library and add/edit screens.
CheckImage Library
Easily browse, select and insert images into your site pages using this quality image tool. Uses remarkable PNG-to-GIF technology to improve the quality of your images and match your page background perfectly.
CheckClipart Library
Insert pictures from a royalty-free selection of hundreds of clipart images, and bring your web pages to life.
CheckAudio Wizard
Embed audio into your page content, complete with playback-controls and auto-playback functionality.
CheckVideo Wizard
Liven up your web-site with Web 2.0 features including video, using the powerful video wizard.
CheckForms Wizard
Add quality name-grab forms to your pages in seconds using the new Forms Wizard. Even enables you to create forms which will submit to you by e-mail, XMailPro, AWeber, Get Response™ or ListMail Pro™.
CheckRSS Feed Wizard
Add quality RSS content into your pages to help keep them fresh, refresh your content and bring your visitors back over and over again. Choose from hundreds of pre-supplied feeds - simple to insert - and create your own, using this powerful tool.
CheckWidgets Wizard
Huge range of readymade and easy to use scripts that will save you buying in scripts from other places or hours of time coding them yourself. And the truly wonderful thing is that you don't need to have any programming experience to use these scripts - it is all done for you.
CheckBanner RotatorAdd a quantity of banners to a page and have them rotate automatically each time someone visits your web site.
CheckImage GalleryQuickly and easily create a gallery to show off your images. This would take hours to do manually, but XSitePro will do all the work for you in just a few minutes.
CheckE-Mail CloakerStop spammers grabbing your e-mail addresses off your web pages by cloaking it using the EMail Cloaking Widget.
CheckPassword Page ProtectorUse this simple password protection tool to stop people getting access to pages that you don't want everyone to see. This means you could sell an ebook and only let people who are sent the password to have access to it.
CheckRandom QuoteThis little tool will display a different quote each time a person visits your web site. This can be a great way to display testimonials about your product or service.
CheckOpen Page in New WindowHave you ever wanted a page to open in a new window when someone clicks on a link. Now you can do this without entering a single line of code. This can prove very effective when you are linking to pages on other websites as it means your website will remain open in the background.
CheckAdd to FavoritesProvide a link so that visitors can add your website to their favorites in just a single click of their mouse.
CheckPrint Page Link
Add a link so that visitors to your web site can print a page in a single click.
CheckFAQ Pages
Set up an FAQ section (frequently asked questions) section to your web site so that visitors can get answers to any questions they may have, quickly and easily.
CheckNews Scroller
Add a news tickertape to your pages that displays a scrolling display of the information you want to share with them.
CheckCountdown TimerHave you ever wanted to display how long is left before a special offer ends or before you launch your new product? Now you can add that information at the click of a couple of buttons. It is so easy!
CheckFuture Date Offers
Would you like to include an offer such as "buy this within the next 3 days and get $10 off"? Using the powerful 'Future Date' feature you can now do this, and the really cool thing is that if someone returns a day or two later it will remember and so will display the correct number of days, rather than start off at 3 days again - so cool!
CheckToday's Date
Now you can include today's date at the top of your web pages (or wherever else you like). This is guaranteed to give your web site that up-to-date feel.
CheckAutomatic Page Breaks
Break up your longer web pages, and add to your page-count in the process. Also features automatic pagination of the resultant pages, making it easy to navigate published pages.
CheckAuto-insert sub-page lists
Handy sub-page link insertion (lists, bulleted / with descriptions as required) makes it easy to improve navigation to sub-pages within your site. Version 2 update adds the option to set site-wide style settings for your sub-page lists.
CheckOther TabComplete redesign, now featuring graphical buttons and additional menu options:
  • Web Site Settings 
  • Mobile Site Wizard 
  • Siloing 
  • Site Search Wizard 
  • Web Site Clean-up 
  • XML Syndication 
CheckBreadcrumb Trail
Insert advanced navigation features in your web pages using this tool - allow visitors to keep track of where they are in your site structure at any time and improve the overall navigation experience. New layout for Version 2.
CheckLinks Manager
Completely rewritten, and replacing the Links Page of v.1. This powerful tool is for creating multi-level links pages - great additional content with minimal effort for your site.
CheckPopupsCreate powerful pop-ups that will get through to your visitors. Completely customizable and very effective - now enhanced in Version 2, with a seven step wizard to make it easier to create quality PopUps.
CheckLightboxesLightbox popups are an interesting take on the traditional website popup. They are especially suitable for super-imposing an image on a website. A visitor would be able to click on an image on a website, and this would bring out a lightbox popup, providing a close-up of the selected image, while hiding away the rest of the website temporarily so that the visitor can focus on the image they selected.
Create different types of page content for your site in a couple of minutes using these powerful design templates, including:

  • Articles Pages 
  • Product pages 
  • Press Release Pages 
  • Contact Pages 
  • Privacy Policy Pages 
CheckSite Search Form
Add search functionality to your site, making your content easier to navigate with this in-built search form wizard. A great way to improve the accessibility of your site, just like the Pro's.
CheckGoogle XML Sitemap SubmissionCreate and submit a Google Sitemap - essential to your Google ranking - using this simple tool. Update includes re-styled, tabbed interface for greater ease-of-use.
A power-feature for advanced users - for creating search-engine-optimized interlinking structures within your site. You will learn more about this fantastic feature in the user’s manual. For now, here’s what search engine specialist Jean Matthee says

“… don’t forget to implement siloing when starting a new website, because it’s the only way for you to catch up to the front runners of that niche”.
CheckFile/Resources Manager
Manage the resources in your site using this new resources management tool.
CheckAdvanced Folder optionsOptional data subdirectories for your different content-types, a more organized approach to file storage
CheckImport Pages Wizard
Bring bulk page content into your site in super-fast time using the Import Pages tool. An excellent way to add articles and other relevant content with the maximum of ease. Update includes complete re-styled interface.
CheckWeb Site Settings
Get instant access to the key site-specific settings from this new tool. Includes:

  • Page Title Settings 
  • File Naming Settings 
  • Home Page Settings 
  • Folder Settings 
  • Advanced Settings 
CheckGlobal Preferences
Now available off the settings menu, this useful collection of settings help you ensure you get the most out of XSitePro. Settings include:

  • Spell Checker Settings 
  • Page Analysis Settings 
  • Backup Settings 
  • Scheduler Settings 
  • Publishing Notification settings 
  • Reports Settings 
CheckRedirect PagesCreate custom redirects in seconds - a great tool for masking affiliate links with more ‘friendly’ URLs. Redesigned to make the screen clearer and simpler to use.
CheckExternal Links ToolAd links to external sites for inclusion within the navigation menus throughout your site. Screen redesigned - also now gives the option to launch a linked page in a new browser.
CheckMobile Site Wizard
Output your site automatically formatted for mobile phone / WAP browsers. With the growth of mobile web usage this is a great way of widening the appeal of your site.
CheckXML Page Syndication
Quickly create syndicatable RSS feeds from your page content - a great way to build traffic from your existing content.
CheckSocial Networking LinksQuickly insert a variety of social networking links into your pages so that they become instantly viral.
Full V1.x backward compatibilityAll your existing v1.x websites can be imported into v2 using an in-built migration tool.
CheckProject & Site Overview Report
Get a full overview of your current project / site in a neat, printable format. Enhanced to provide neater layout, 2D graphs of key data and fully customizable logo (for printing your reports with your own logo on them).
CheckTo-do Report
Want to find out what needs to be done to improve the quality of your site? Check out the automated to-do feature in XSitePro - provides invaluable suggestions based on automatic page analysis.
CheckSite Publishing ReportKeep track on your publishing history for your sites using this straightforward reporting tool.
Check260-page “Essentials” instruction manual
Everything you need to know to get producing great looking sites, right at your fingertips in this comprehensive technical guide to XSitePro.
Check1000-Page Advanced User Guide
A focused reference guide to using the new features within XSitePro Version 2
CheckFull Walkthrough tutorial
A 140-page step-by-step walkthrough, designed to get you up-and-running with the application as quickly as possible.
CheckDedicated technical support
24x7 Support ticket system manned by our friendly, professional support staff
CheckDedicated user forum
Join the growing community of XSitePro users at our dedicated forum - a great place to share tips, tricks and ideas with fellow XSitePro users. Many people have told us that it is the friendliest and most helpful place that a complete beginner can find on the entire internet. Our 12,000 users have posted over 35,000 articles. If you have a question or are puzzled how something works, chances are you will find experienced help in under an hour.


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