A lot of businesses would pay BIG for this level of traffic, but it just comes naturally to me (and completely FREE) with my simple system. Do the math. At 18.6 million visitors, if I were to pay just $0.05 per click for that much traffic (a VERY low price…usually it costs $0.25, $0.50 or more per click) I would have had to pay… $930,000.00! Imagine how much more it would cost if we were talking about paying a more realistic number, such as $0.25 or $0.50 per click. Not to mention the fact that people can be VERY RELUCTANT to click on paid ads…but they’ll check out your free content all day long (and then talk themselves into buying your products and services!) We didn’t have to pay a dime for that traffic. It was all completely free to us – plus all of the content we used was from FREE sources. (Few people can beat that.) If you had this level of traffic streaming into your websites, how much money would you be able to make? With millions of visitors, earning $1,000’s in ad revenue, product sales, service upgrades, all becomes second nature. It becomes much easier for you to pull in staggering amounts every single day. However you choose to earn a profit from your traffic, the free content that I use has already done nearly 99% of the hard work for you. My 4 step system makes it so easy. This is what I do…

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