Software bot gratis game CANON WARE


Is Free browsergame where you earn money for playing! €0.20 referral bonus* + 10% from purchases + 10% from contest winnings. Minimum payout €10 ( Paypal, Payza, Okpay, Egopay, RP points) Earn random money prizes while playing Weekly and Monthly real money contests for free and upgraded members. Weekly and monthly contests for upgraded members. €200 Referral contest running There still no payment proof yet for this game because it's still new.



  1. As a standard member you can kill 2 dragons/hour 
  2. For every defeated dragons you receive combat exp 
  3. For every new advanced combat level you receive €0.01 P balance 
  4. 150 swordpoints= 1 mystery ticket 


  1. As a standard member you can mine 10/hour 
  2. For every new advanced mining level you receive €0.01 P balance 
  3. Ores/diamonds can be used in future updates to make items. 
  4. Every time you mine you can win randomly diamonds or Pending balance money 
  5. And many more...

What bot can do
-Auto Mining
- Auto Fight until level 10 more coming soon
-Auto buying protection if less than 1 days [Requirement]
-NET 4 Framework
- Internet Connection
-Cannon War account

How to run
New Member
- If u don't have account in cannon war register first
- validate your account by log-in to the web and access menu mining and follow instruction
- access menu mining again and do mining for the first time
- than put your username and password on the bot than press start button Old Member
- put your username and password on the bot than press start button

 Note: You need passion to earn money in this game except you upgrade your account


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