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Today I have another free tool.  Since the Google Penguin update was pushed out there have been many new changes in SEO. One of the newest and biggest changes was making sure you have generic or natural anchor text mixed in with your normal keyword anchor text.
It wasn’t long ago when SEO courses would tell us not to use keywords like “click here” or “visit us here” in our anchor text unless we were trying to rank for those keywords. Now, things have changed. Since the recent Google updates it has become apparent that including generic or “natural” anchors in your backlinking campaigns is essential.
This makes a lot of sense because when most people link to you naturally they aren’t always going to use your main keyword or variations of your keyword. A lot of times it will be a generic anchor text such as “read more” or it will be an exact URL. (
This simple tool automatically combines your primary keywords with a large list of the most popular “generic” keywords. Now you don’t have to waste time searching for these generic anchors. Simply set how many keywords you want to combine and click the “combine” button. This tool will also automatically output your keywords in different formats (spintax, comma separated, custom format)


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