23 langkah untuk mendapatkan 100,000 Visitors (Step-by-Step Guide)

I’ve created this guide to show you step-by-step how to get your
first 100,000 visitors.
Many, many hours have gone into creating this guide. But that was
just the writing part. I’ve spent 7+ years actually learning,
implementing, and testing these strategies – now served up
to you on a silver platter :)
Listed below our my top 23 favorite traffic strategies.
Or as I like to call them – “traffic engines”.
Just one of them can instantly boost your traffic.
Master all of them and you’ll be well on your way to becoming
a Traffic Jedi.
Your 23-step roadmap to 100,000+ visitors…
Creating EPIC content is BY FAR the best way to attract thousands of visitors from social media AND from Google :)
In fact, Google rewards EPIC posts. They LOVE content rich websites.
In fact, research has shown that the top 10 results for the majority of keywords in Google have an average content length of at least 2,000 words. Plus, longer content naturally attracts more links.
So if you want thousands of organic visitors from the search engines, write epic content for your readers.

When I sit down to write a new blog post – I’m not thinking about how many words does this have to be or how can I get the very best keywords in the title.
That’s LAME.
Instead – I’m thinking about how I can provide EPIC value that stops at nothing short of a braingasm.
I don’t want casual readers. I want rabid fans!
And building a tribe of rabid fans all starts with creating EPIC value.
And of course – it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of entertainment thrown in :)
Need traffic? Create something EPIC.
Until then… stop whining.
Next step… Once you’ve created something epic, you need to make sure other people find out about it.
This is where the marketing side of the equation comes in.
Just a little bit of momentum will do :)
All you have to do is get the snowball rolling.
Social media is making it easier to share and spread your content
than ever before. EVERYONE online now has a circle of influence that
you can tap into IF you’re providing massive value.
By submitting your blog post within your own social networks you’ll be able to spark that initial momentum to get your first hundred visitors.
And if you’ve created truly epic content, you’ll start getting retweets and Facebook likes that can quickly become a traffic snowball.
This is KEY for getting your content to go viral.
Plus, you can also ‘seed’ your content on sites like JustRetweet.com.
JustRetweet is a social sharing community. It’s essentially a huge blogging alliance that works together to promote each others content.
This is a super simple strategy for getting your first 20-30 retweets
and Facebook likes. Which will immediately kick off your first bit
of momentum.
Whenever I have an especially good article, I also like to do a Promoted Facebook post as well.
This is an easy way to get more of your Facebook Fans to see and click on your post. If you have a nice size fan base. This is one of the easiest ways to drive hundreds of extra visitors to your new blog post.
You can instantly start getting more traffic to your blog using
Google Authorship.
By adding just a few lines of code to your blog you can get your
photo next to your search results and instantly start getting
MORE traffic.
But this isn’t just pie-in-the-sky theory I’m throwing around.
Back in January 2012, a search marketing firm named Catalyst
confirmed through their own research that Google’s rich snippets
do indeed increase CTR and traffic.
Google has stated that rich snippets do not increase your search engine rankings. However, you can imagine if you have your photo next to the search results it’s going to have a BIG influence on how many people click-through your link versus somone else’s.

Which link would you click on?
Complete Guide to Google Authorship Markup
The Definitive Guide to Google Authorship Markup
10 Reasons Why Writers Should Claim their Google Authorship
Here’s one of the fastest ways to get backlinks and additional traffic to your latest blog post.
If you haven’t heard of Scoop.it yet, it’s basically a content aggregator that pulls together the very best content on thousands of different topics.
It’s kind of like social bookmarking but with a more visual, magazine-like format.

As a content creator, you can search for your specific topic and submit your latest article to the creator of that particular Scoop.it page.
You’ll see a link at the top of each Scoop.it pages that allows you to submit a suggested link. It takes all of 10 seconds to suggest your link.
If they decide to share your link, it gets published and any followers of that page also get notified (instant backlink and high-quality traffic).
How To Curate Content and Build Authority With Scoop.it
A Comprehensive Guide to Scoop.it for Content Curation
An In-Depth Guide to Scoop.it

If you want to kickstart your content promotion you can spend $10-$20 on StumbleUpon ads. With StumbleUpon you can get clicks for just 10 cents per visitor.
(But keep in mind if you’ve created some great content you’ll also get lots of organic stumbles – which will decrease the cost.)
We get many of our StumbleUpon ads for an effective cpc of just 5 cents per visitor because the ad also generates a lot of organic votes as well.
On StumbleUpon you can target specific groups of people. Everyone from personal finance enthusiasts to bird watchers. Fitness fanatics or photographers. There are hundreds of targeting options to choose from.
So for a small investment you can give your article a quick boost. This gives you that initial momentum to get your blog post going viral. Once your blog post hits a tipping point – it spreads quickly via social media.
Here’s a cool traffic trick for you…
This one is super simple and can bring you hundreds of extra visitors.
Once you’ve created some EPIC content – simply submit your blog post to Weekly Link Roundups.
Ok, so you might be wondering what a link roundup is?
They’re basically where blogger’s post their favorite links and articles each week in what’s called a Link Roundup. These are generally a collection of their favorite blog posts from around the blogosphere.
One of my favorite Link Roundups can be found at Kikolani.com.
I’ve been listed in numerous releases of Kristi’s Friday Roundups.
Here’s how it works…
You start by finding Link roundups within your market.
Simply type in the following search queries on Google:
“Daily Link Roundup”
“Weekly Link Roundup”
“Monday Link Roundup”
“Friday Link Roundup”
“Link Roundup”
If you want to find blogs that are specifically related to your market, then you can add a modifier. Something like:
“Weekly Link Roundup” + marketing
“Weekly Link Roundup” + moms
“Weekly Link Roundup” + parenting
You can also use these same queries on sites like Google Plus or Twitter Search.
This will give you a list of related blogs that do weekly link roundups.
Best of all, there are thousands of blogs that do these link roundups on every imaginable topic.
Now here’s where you come in…
Once you’ve found a related blog that does link roundups you can then contact the blog owner and send them a link to your latest blog post.
If you’ve published truly great content, then there’s a very good chance that they will link to you in their weekly link roundup.
Super simple and it can send you hundreds of high-quality visitors. Not to mention some of the best backlinks available online :)
Here’s another super simple strategy you can use to get hundreds of extra visitors to your blog post. (Do you see how these strategies start stacking up?)
It’s something called a ‘Blog Hop’ (also known as a link party)
It’s kind of like a ‘link roundup’ but with a few twists.
Every week, bloggers all around the web host link parties.
It’s an opportunity for other bloggers to add their latest blog post
to the link party. In return – you get extra traffic to your website.
This is one of the best (and easiest) ways to get your blog posts in front of new readers.
Each party has a theme or topic – so you’ll need to find related
link parties to submit your latest blog post to.
The blog host uses a WordPress plugin (such as inlinkz.com or linkytools.com) that allows users to submit a link, upload a thumbnail and then publish it to the link party.
Some link parties allow you to post a photo while others are text
links only. Be sure to include an enticing title / headline.
Most link parties are centered around the following topics:
Mom Blogs
Fitness – low fat recipes
So if you’re in ANY of these markets – put this on your to-do list today!
Link parties can easily send you hundreds of extra visitors each week.
Plus, you get to form great relationships with some cool peeps :)
*** Important Note: Submit your link as EARLY as possible. The links are listed in the order that they are submitted. So if you’re the first person to submit a link to the link party – then you’ll be listed first on the page. (And also get a lot more traffic)
Now that you’ve syndicated your content around the web using Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, link parties, and Scoop.it – let’s now shift our focus into new content platforms.
One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is they create hundreds of articles each year – but they never ‘repurpose’ those articles for additional traffic and backlinks.
If you’ve put in the hours to create EPIC content – then you should also be repurposing that content into multiple formats to quickly tap into new traffic pools.
So first up we’re going to convert our article into a Powerpoint. Turn each main point in your article into an eye-popping PowerPoint slide.
You can then submit your Powerpoint presentation to top sites like SlideShare.net, SlideRocket.com, Slideburner.com and SlideBoom.com. These are great sites for high PR backlinks AND exposing your content to a completely new audience.
Slideshare Traffic Case Study: From 0 to 243,000 Views in 30 Days
How to Milk SlideShare Homepage for All the Traffic You Can Handle
Attract 100,000 Pageviews in 1 Month Using Slideshare
How to Generate Leads with Slideshare
Simply by converting your article (or a group of articles) into a PDF you can now pull in extra traffic from the top document sharing sites online.
In fact – if you want to automate the entire process you can have your virtual assistant to convert each article into a PDF. You can do this for free at Doc2Pdf.net.
(Quick Note: I personally don’t like to duplicate the content on my site so I would recommend either rewriting your article OR creating a unique article for this particular strategy.)
Then from there you can have your virtual assistant to submit your PDF to the top 15-20 document sharing sites online.
Slideshare.net (also accepts PDFs)
Here’s a full list:
Once you’ve written at least 25 articles on your blog – turn it into an ebook and submit to the top ebook directories online.
Regardless of which market you’re in, you can generate additional traffic from ebook directories like E-Library.net.
Or – why not go full hog and publish your book in the Kindle marketplace.

Publishing your ebook on Kindle is one of the best ways to attract
‘buyer traffic’.
Plus, Google LOVES Amazon pages and gives theme preferential ranking
because they’re a HUGE authority website online.
This is why it’s soooooo important to do your keyword research when
choosing your title and optimizing your Kindle page.
With just a little bit of link building – you can get your Kindle
book on the front page of Google. Leveraging off of their authority
I call this a “Google Backdoor”.
Plus – you don’t have to write your ebook from scratch. You can repurpose and reuse your old blog posts to create your completed ebook.
With your new Kindle book – you can create a new revenue stream in your business AND build your subscriber list.
Be sure to offer a ‘bonus gift’ at the beginning and end of EVERY Kindle book.
This will allow you to build your subscriber list. Remember, people that buy Kindle books are proven buyers. Some of THE most valuable traffic you can tap into.
So if this all sounds pretty cool – be sure to read some of the more extensive guides below…
How to Make Money with Amazon Kindle Books
61 Ways to Sell More Nonfiction Kindle Books
72 Places to Promote Your Kindle Ebook
Now let’s take this a step further and convert our content into audio.
Simply grab your headset and record yourself talking into the microphone.
You can do this using some free software like Audacity.
After recording, you can submit your file to the top audio sharing sites online. One of my favorites being SoundCloud.com. Or you can automate the entire process using Fiverr.
VERY few people are doing this and it opens you up to an entirely new audience. Plus, it creates high-quality backlinks as well :)
Or, if you’d really like to take your traffic to the next level, I recommend starting your very own podcast…

Starting a podcast is one of the best ways to tap into an entirely new traffic pool. Plus, it can do wonders for building your brand.
Regardless of your niche – you can use podcasting to grow your audience.
Podcasting allows you to instantly tap into the massive traffic on sites like iTunes, Stitcher, and Blackberry.com.
Plus, this is some of the highest quality traffic you can get. These are by far some of the most affluent consumers online. So not only are you tapping into a rich new traffic source, but you’re also reaching people who are frequent online customers.
iTunes has over 500,000,000 active buyers in their marketplace.
The average podcast listener is affluent, highly educated, and highly responsive.
Plus, the iTunes marketplace is still fairly untapped.
You can easily re-purpose your existing content and connect with an wntirely new audience on iTunes.
Creating a podcast show is something I’ve put on the top of my to-do list.
But in the meantime you can learn from the case studies below…
How to Start a Podcast – Step-by-Step Tutorial
How I Reached #1 on iTunes: A Guide to Launching a Podcast
How to Podcast for Free Traffic
There are a number of communities online where you can submit your content for instant exposure.
Some of my favorites include BlogEngage.com, Blokube.com, BizSugar.com, ImNewsWatch.com, Inbound.org, Serpd.com, FamousBloggers.net, and MySEOCommunity.com.
These are social communities that allow bloggers to share their favorite content, vote on the best articles, and build their social network.
But like any online community – the key is to provide VALUE to others FIRST.
So before you start blasting your own articles to the site – ENGAGE with the community. Share OTHER people’s articles first. Comment and start building relationships.
Once you’ve done that, then you can start sharing some of your own stuff.
But get in the trenches first!
Provide value FIRST and you will reap MUCH greater rewards for your efforts and from the community.
Find out where YOUR target market hangs out online and position yourself in front of them. This is traffic 101 in a nutshell.
If you’re regularly publishing great content on a weekly basis – you can get hundreds of extra visitors each week from sites like AllTop.com, Affposts.com, AffBuzz.com, and AffDaily.com. These are content aggregators that pull in the best content from around the web.
AllTop.com in particular has sections for almost every topic under the sun.
So whether you blog about pets or parenting – this is an additional traffic stream you can tap into in ANY market.
And the cool thing is they’re always looking for new blogs to publish.
Simply find a relevant category and submit your blog at
Or – if you have a site related to affiliate marketing, SEO, or blogging then you can get hundreds of new weekly visitors from sites like Affposts.com, AffBuzz.com, and AffDaily.com.

The most successful bloggers online have a secret that they rarely mention in public.
It’s a bit of a secret society.
But without the hidden passwords and funny hand shakes.
In fact, most of their meetings rarely happen in person.
And it’s generally a small group of people.
A handful of like-minded bloggers who strategically work together to grow their blogs faster.
If you look at any of the most popular blogs online – you’ll find that almost ALL of them have formed a strategic alliance of some sort – whether it be informal or strategically planned.
This closed door group is one of the key parts of growing a large, successful blog online. No one gets to the top by themselves. You simply cannot build your business to its greatest potential without also building relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs.
Members of a blogging alliance help each other in a variety of ways:
* Commenting on each others blogs
* Link to each other.
* Swap Guest Posts
* Share each other’s content on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.
* Promote each other’s products.
* And much, much more…
As you probably know – it can get a bit lonely working behind your computer all day long. But within a mastermind you’re able to share results, bounce off ideas, and help each other to grow faster.
But the blogging alliance has a secret code.
It’s a small tweak that makes the whole thing work…
* No one in the alliance is playing for themselves.
Each member looks for ways to help the OTHER person first.
Give unconditionally – and it will come back 100x.
With a group of blogging friends, you literally have traffic on tap simply by sending out an email, IM, or Skype message.
But the RELATIONSHIP comes first.
And when you put the RELATIONSHIP first. When you put GIVING first, you’ll be amazed at all of the incredibly powerful synergies that come from that.

While many other ‘gurus’ are out there talking about the next best ‘shiny object’ – we’re using a handful of ‘old-school’ traffic strategies to drive thousands of extremely targeted visitors every month.
I’m talkin’ old school like Monopoly and your first Nintendo.
Remember the days!
Sometimes the oldies are still the best :)
One of my personal favorites is forum marketing.
To this day – forum marketing is still one of the FASTEST ways to drive laser-targeted traffic online.
Create some good content, post it on a popular forum in your market and you can start generating traffic within 5 minutes of posting.
Because you’ve positioned yourself directly in front of your target market.
With forums, you can instantly put your content in front of hundreds of people who are currently browsing that forum.
No where else online can you tap into that much traffic goodness so quickly :)
Just to give you an example…
My dad is generating 14,000+ visitors per month in a tiny, weird little niche.
Tennessee Walking Horses
However – this market has one very large forum that he posts videos to every day – funneling hundreds of visitors BACK to his site on a daily basis.
So go to Google – find the most active forums within YOUR market, and start engaging with the community. Provide over-the-top value and link to your squeeze page or blog in your signature file.
I think you’ll be surprised at what a ‘traffic powerhouse’ this can be.
Plus, what’s nice about forum traffic is that it’s generally VERY high converting. The traffic is laser-targeted and converts quickly into subscribers AND sales.
We’ve seen a 10% conversion rate into sales from our forum traffic. (tracked using Adtrackz Gold)
It just doesn’t get any better than that.
Old-School is still ROCKIN!

Now here’s a newer traffic source that’s still wide open.
If you have an existing product, this will open up a completely new traffic source for your business.
And the best part of all – these particular traffic sources are
packed with buyers. So it’s some incredibly high-quality traffic.
I’m talking about online marketplaces like AppSumo, Udemy, SkillShare.com StartupPlays.com, and Mighty Deals.
You can generate a TON of traffic by getting your product listed
in popular marketplaces online.
It’s a hot-little bed of traffic that can send you hundreds of new customers :)
Not just targeted traffic – but hot leads with credit card in hand.
These sites are kind of like Groupon.com. They have handpicked daily deals and are more than happy to feature YOUR product. That is… IF you have a good product. Which you should!
I’m going to assume your putting out good content and that you care about your customers.
Otherwise – this business just won’t work for you.
But if you do care about your customers and you over-deliver on value than you can partner with sites like AppSumo and instantly leverage their 730,000+ Newsletter Subscribers.
Or you can tap into a network of over 500,000 potential fans,
followers, and customers on Udemy.com.
Plus – the cool thing about Udemy.com is that they handle all of the tech stuff and payment processing.
They take out all the tech work and allow you to focus exclusively on creating great content.
Many of these platforms also allow you to share free courses.
So if you have a great free training program – you can use these sites to generate leads and build your subscriber list.
Ain’t that nifty :)
Plus, the Top 10 instructors on Udemy are earning over $50,000.
The top dawg made more than $200,000.
Simply by creating great courses and leveraging the Udemy platform.
So, if you have an existing product (or a great free course) get it
listed in these popular online marketplaces for increased traffic,
exposure, and sales!
$21,243 in 8 Days with AppSumo
How Chris Converse Did $80,000 In Sales Teaching On Udemy
A new way to make six figures on the Web: teaching

Creating your own affiliate program is still one of the biggest untapped traffic sources online. It allows you to literally automate your entire traffic funnel.
If you currently have your own product (or you’re going to be creating your own product) you MUST have your own affiliate program.
It is hands-down one of the most profitable things you’ll do in your business.
It’s literally like being able to hire an army of marketing specialist.
An entire sales team that sends you traffic day in and day out.
With an affiliate program you’re able to automate ALL of your traffic.
Your affiliates will do it all:
PPC traffic
Facebook Ads
Article Marketing
Guest Blogging
Content Syndication
Banner Advertising
Social Media
Solo Ads
And the cool part is – you don’t pay your affiliates a dime until they make a sale.
So there’s zero risk on your part.
Now, for your first product I would highly recommend you create a low-cost offer and give away 100% commissions. (Price Point: $7-$39)
Now, at first this might sound kind of crazy ;)
But creating a 100% commission affiliate program can add thousands of subscribers to your list.
For our Traffic Dashboard product last year we opened up a 100% commission affiliate program and it’s added 25,000+ subscribers to our list to date.
As you might imagine, having a top-notch product and offering 100% INSTANT commissions makes it pretty easy to start recruiting affiliates :)
We had over 2,000 affiliates come on board and we we’re generating over 200+ subscribers per day for MONTHS off the back of it.
That’s the power of a strong affiliate program. It becomes a self-perpetuating lead machine.
You can give 100% commissions on the front-end and generate many multiples of that on the back-end.
There are a couple different ways to create 100% instant commission affiliate programs.
Some of the main one’s include:
RAP (Rapid Action Profits)
There are certain types of blog posts that get MORE traffic than others.
3 of my personal favorites include:
EPIC posts
Top Lists
Roundup Posts
You can use these in your business any time you need an instant boost
in traffic.
Here are a few examples:
60 Must-Read Health & Fitness Blogs for 2012
Top 30 Richest Young Entrepreneurs
202 Bite-Sized Tips to Increase Your Traffic
Top 20 Most Influential Photography Bloggers
When you link out to people – they’re MUCH more likely to link back to you. Especially if you’ve put them in the spotlight.
So after your blog post goes live, send them a short, personalized email to let them know you’ve featured them in your latest blog post.
Subject Line: I LOVE IncomeDiary.com
This is guaranteed to get open.
Create a top list with 25-50 bloggers, email each one, and watch the traffic flood pour in. Repeat monthly.
How I Get Over 100,000 Visitors a Month With Top List Articles

This has become my favorite hot spot for driving traffic.
Facebook is a marketers dream. You can pinpoint and target EXACTLY who you want to add to your list.
Want to build a list of teachers? Facebook will allow you to put your ad directly in front of people who have declared their profession on Facebook as a ‘teacher. In fact, you can get super specific and just target science teachers, english teachers, or math teachers.
In a matter of weeks you can build a group of fans.
You can also drill down to the exact age group you want. Male. Female. Married. Single. Choose to your hearts desire.
Want to advertise to people who are fans of Jillian Michaels? You can do it! And build a targeted list of fitness/ weight loss prospects at the same time.
Facebook is quickly becoming one of the best places to build and grow your business.
Plus, once you have a few thousand fans your content can spread very quickly. Social media has ‘supercharged’ traditional word-of-mouth.
5 Facebook Ad Tips to Maximize Your Facebook Campaigns
Facebook Advertising – Soup to Nuts Guide
Facebook Ads and Beyond: What Marketers Need to Know
A lot of blogs never reach Rock Star status because they’re not capturing their visitors and turning them into subscribers.
In fact, most blogs are what I call ‘leaky buckets’ – the majority of their visitors come once and leave never to return.
NOT because the blog was bad.
NOT because the content was bad.
But simply because they didn’t setup their blog properly to
convert visitors into subscribers.
Email allows you to turn one-time readers into loyal, long-term fans. Those raving fans in turn spread your content and build your brand even further.
Plus, with your subscriber list you now have traffic on tap.
Your subscriber list is by far THE most important asset in your business.
And you can quickly turn your blog into a lead magnet using just 3 tools:
* Opt-In Box (this should be placed on EVERY page of your blog. I personally prefer using a ‘header box’ – which you can see at the top of this blog. I’ve found the header opt-in box to have double and triple conversions vs. the sidebar opt-in box. )
* Welcome Gate – These are becoming a VERY popular tool for converting blog visitors into subscribers. You can see examples at Mixergy.com, AppSumo.com, and even the WhiteHouse.gov.
You can create your own welcome game with a free plugin called WelcomeGateApp.com.
* Pop-Up – The pop-up box is THE most effective tool for converting blog readers into subscribers. The stats speak for themselves. Our pop-up box converts 12% of our readers into subscribers.

When you combine the pop-up box, header box, and the welcome gate – you’ll be covnerting at least 15% of your blog visitors into subscribers.
Michael Stelzner recently announced that 60-70% of their 205,000+ subscriber list has come from the pop-up on their blog.
Your subscriber list is quite literally the lifeblood of your business.
And in order to become a Rock Star blogger you must build a community that is “on tap” at all times via email, twitter, Facebook, mobile and other platforms.
So provide VALUE first. Build the relationship FIRST and the selling becomes secondary.
Hey, you made it to the very last step. I’m impressed :)
And you’re in for a treat because step #23 is really the secret sauce of success.
Having FUN!!
You must be passionate about the game of business.
And most importantly, you must be passionate about your subscribers and fans. (Serving your Tribe)
Success requires a BURNING DESIRE, an all-consuming obsession.
This is NOT about buying another course or reading another ebook.
This is about doing it, doing it, doing it.
Building a business requires an amazing amount of persistence and
a good bit of elbow grease. And that kind of persistence MUST be backed by PASSION. Passion is what gets you up in the morning and keeps you working late into the night.
If you want to win this game, you must center your business around
something you truly love. Don’t choose a market just because some guru told you it was profitable. You’ll lose interest quickly… and some of you probably already know what I’m talking about :)
But when you’re building a business around your passions – you’ll have the drive that it takes to work late into the night, cranking out new content for your readers.
You have to love the journey more than the results. You have to love your customers more than the bottom line.
Commit to something greater than yourself. Devote yourself to your community. Focus on providing overwhelming value and you’ll be surprised at how quickly success comes your way.

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