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You'll See That Both Videos Are Similar... But Unique (They Show Different Text, Different Music, Effects, Background Clips, Random Images and And Each One Of Them Targets One Specific Keyword - You Can Pass Each Keyword to The Video).

What Makes Mass Video Generator Unique?

We worked hard to simplify Mass Video Generation to the limit, keeping the focus on delivering good looking videos that will look targeted to each one of your keywords (which will help you to boost your conversions) and you can take a look at some of them right here:

Save an Impressive Amount of Time! Get The Job Done In Minutes!

We've Simplified Everything. Even Those Things That Are Time Consuming Like Getting Images For Your Videos or Cutting Long Mp3's, Are Easily Solved With a Couple of Clicks.

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Make All Your Videos Look Good!

Instead of creating plain "Slideshows", MVG has different features to automatically create good looking videos, videos that your visitors will watch (it doesn't make sense to upload lot of videos if people will stop watching them after 2 seconds).

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Make All of Your Videos Look Targeted to Each One of Your Keywords!

Making each video look targeted to your keywords (Relevance), is a second powerful way to call the attention of your viewers and make your videos convert better.

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Untuk full version dan 500 software lainnya bisa dapatkan di

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